How To Get High PR Wiki Backlinks

How can you get Wikipedia backlinks to your sites?

You probably know that you could post 1000 blog comments and it would not add up to the power and SEO value of one good wiki back link to your site.

The problem is that it’s very tough to get a back link from Wikipedia on to your website. They have a excellent team over there that are costly scrutinizing the links that people put on their site, and if they find something that is out of place they will at the very least remove it. If they decide that the link is spam they will blacklist the link or even the IP address that put the link on the site.

In order to put a back link on Wikipedia you have to:

  1. Have an established that wished Wikipedia account.
  2. Have an account that is at least one year old.
  3. Have at least 1000 successful edits in your Wikipedia account.


That’s why when people pay for these backlinks they pay anywhere from 60 – 100 “per” backlink! The Wikipedia team is just that strict on the links on their site.

The value of a Wikipedia backlink:

Needless to say that a back link from Wikipedia is worth a ton for SEO of your site. For one thing it’s a no follow link which is ideal for SEO as you probably already know.

Not to mention he passes on major rank trust to your site. Which means that having a link from Wikipedia to your site is telling Google that your site is an authority site! That is why one good link from Wikipedia with high page rank is worth more than 1000 form profile links, blog comments, etc.

Here’s an SEO backlinking tip:

Never take any back links like the ones I just mentioned and link them to your money site. Always, always, always, link them to a second-tier site that links to your money site, because you never want to risk the SEO of your site because of having links like that spamming all over the Internet.

Unlike those gray hat, black hat methods of getting back links you can actually link a Wikipedia link to your site directly because it just that much value from Wikipedia.

I’m going to share with you something that you can use to take everything I just mentioned in this email and get extremely High PR Wikipedia links on autopilot with no effort whatsoever.

The great thing is that you can actually use this tool to rank your own sites, your YouTube videos, or even take on clients that need help with SEO!

This is absolutely the Internet marketing tool that you have been waiting for, whether you’ve been trying to market online for a few days or 10 years.

You’ve got to see this thing in action…so I’m going to do a video review of the tool and show you exactly how effective it is by going through the entire process so you can see how this is done first hand, and then you can do it yourself after you watch me do it. The video review will be on this page for you.

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