Which Marketing Platform Is Best For Your Brick And Mortar Business: Email, Text Messaging, Or Facebook Messenger?

So which is better for marketing your brick and mortar business?

…is it email? text messaging? or facebook messenger?

Well, let’s consider a few things first.

The Brick and Mortar business model is probably the oldest form of business.

It involves face-to-face interaction with customers in any given location where the business is situated.

Factors such as the ability to see, touch, feel, smell present in the Brick and Mortar businesses has enabled them to stand the test of time even with the emergence of the Online stores which are a great challenge. 

Examples of a Brick and Mortar business include physical banks, physical grocery stores, physical bookstores, etc.

Really though, every type physical business should seriously consider how to improve communication, and stay in close touch with customers.

Just like its Online store counterparts, these businesses should also use different communication platforms like text messaging, email autoresponders, and Facebook messenger to communicate with its customers, as well as, attract more loyal customers.

However, just like any other marketing communication platforms, these too have their pros and cons, especially in the Brick and Mortar business model.

So, in this article, we will analyze some of the advantages and disadvantages that the owner of such a business model which uses these communication platforms faces.

Using Email Autoresponders 

In case you missed it, this is an automated email which is sent when a subscriber joins a particular email network or list.

It is a form of email marketing which most businesses have used to search for customers and generate more sales.

Email autoresponders can contribute tremendously to the success of most brick and mortar businesses, and the business owners continue to count on this form of marketing to expand their businesses even further. Awesome right!


• It’s fast: autoresponders deliver messages to the targeted clients within seconds. This ensures that time-sensitive communications such as those regarding special discounts, special offers, and promotions are delivered to subscribers within a short time. The business owner is thus, saved the risk of losing on sales due to protracted or delayed communication to his customers.

• It’s less expensive and cost-productive: compared to other marketing platforms such as direct mailing, newspaper ads, magazines, etc, email autoresponder is a cheaper method thereby ensuring the owner does not spend more than necessary on reaching to customers. This, however, does not mean the brick and mortar business won’t spend, they will because they are using the autoresponder software which is cheaper than using the other platforms.

• A faster building of brand awareness among the subscribers: due to the huge number of people who access their emails on a daily basis, a brick and mortar business that uses this method will quickly build a brand among its prospective clients.

• Has very interactive reliable features: Email has features that enable you to track feedback on the number of people who opened and read your email as well as those who opened the provided links. With this information, the business owner can adjust the system for better customer feedback.


• Deliverability: Most autoresponder emails, especially those with attachments end up in people’s spam messages and sometimes in the Promotions or Trash folder. This is because of the rigorous actions being taken by email service providers. As a business owner, you lose a lot when your messages are not delivered to their target audience.

 Spamming: Due to hundreds of emails delivered every day in people’s email inboxes, most people have become suspicious and consider every promotional message as spam. As a result, therefore, they end up not reading them.

Using Text Messaging

Text messaging has become a way through which most brick and mortar businesses can reach out to their customers. Just like the email autoresponders though, it has its pros and cons.


• Instant feedback and real-time delivery: Since most people walk along with their mobile phones, text messaging usually guarantees feedback from prospective clients because in most cases, they will read the message. You can send messages informing your prospects your business location so that they can come and see what have for them

• Provides an avenue to reward your loyal customers: Text messaging is a perfect avenue to reward your loyal customers through promotions, special discounts and offers. You can also tell them where you are located so that they can come and check on these services

• Helps boost your business: As text messages directly communicate with your prospective clients who may in turn become loyal customers thereby greatly boosting your sales.

 Little spamming: unlike email marketing, text messaging has little spamming because you will only be communicating to your customer base rather than anyone who might not be interested in your products. 


• A limited number of characters: text messaging comes with a limited number of characters that make it nearly impossible to write creative full information to your prospective clients. As a brick and mortar business which lacks the presence of a website or links, text messaging is probably the best way to communicate directly to your customers. However, it becomes hard if you cannot satisfactorily communicate due to the little number of characters.

• Text messaging requires more than just the ability to send messages. It requires creativity as well to ensure you don’t recur automated messages which will just annoy your customers.

Using Facebook Messenger

With the huge presence of millions of Facebook users daily, marketers have taken to the Facebook messenger to increase leads and boost sales. However, just like other marketing platforms for brick and mortar business, messenger too has its pros and cons.


Allows you to create and build a brand: through messenger and with employment of relevant marketing skills, you are able to create brand awareness among the messenger users and thereby generating loyalty from them.

• Sharing Photos: Through this platform you can share photos of the products you sell with your customers and as a result, it’s easy to close sales and invite your prospect to visit your physical store for purchase. Although you can share photos using text messaging – it’s not as easily done as messenger is.

• Monitoring: It allows a marketer to monitor and gather information on prospective clients who are on Facebook. With this information, the marketer can determine which approaches to employ in order to reach out to these prospects and turn them into loyal customers.

Audience Targeting: Messenger also allows you to generate traffic from a particular target audience. Since Facebook mines, a lot of information from its users, cooperating with the Facebook team can land you in your target audience whom you can turn into your loyal customers.


• Have To Use Cautiously: Messenger can sometimes generate some negativity to your business if not used appropriately. This is because Facebook and messenger users are very critical people sometimes difficult to convince. If you don’t package your information well, they will consider you as a scammer and ruin your business name and brand all over.

• No Customer Database: With this platform, Facebook owns the customers as opposed to other marketing platforms like email marketing where the Company owns the customers. As a result, Facebook can dictate when you communicate and whether you will get a reply from your prospects. This can kill your business if you don’t use it appropriately and intelligently.

In Conclusion…

Though using these marketing platforms come with some challenges, using these platforms can boost your business a great deal.

For instance, these platforms enable a brick and mortar business to communicate directly to their prospects other than sending non-personalized messages to uninterested audiences. 

Furthermore, communication is made faster to a large audience through these platforms.

Therefore, marketers and businesses no longer have the challenge of reaching a larger audience within a short time.

Additionally, marketers no longer have the challenge of promoting brand awareness as this can be done through these marketing platforms.

Finally, these platforms have solved the problem of businesses struggling to establish their authenticity among prospective customers through building appropriate business profiles.

Ideally, you’d want to figure out how to use all 3 of these marketing platforms simultaneously, and interchangeably in order to reach your customers anywhere.

After searching around the internet we found a simple and easy way for any business to do it using little known resource that allows you to market using all of these marketing platforms.

The set-up can be done in just a few minutes and viola! You can now promote any offer in your business to all of your customers!

If you’d like to find out how you can access this resource go here…

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