The best ways to promote anything without any money

Today I’m going to talk about some ways that you can promote your business with or without any money.

So we know we need to have promotion for any thing that we’re trying to put on people’s radar.

It does not matter what product it is.

We must have a way to share with others more info about this particular product..

The good thing is, there are so many ways that we can do it.

So I thought I’d share with you just a few ways that I think any of us can do it, with or without money.

What’s the easiest way to promote anything with no money?

Now, one thing that I believe a lot of people really missed the mark on is using blogs.

Now stay with me for a minute. I know – that you know – you must have a blog, in order to showcase your products, services, promotions, or whatever.

I’m not talking about using a blog in that way though.

What I’m speaking about is promoting the blog posts that you create.

Now, many people fail to continuously promote the blog posts that they create.

This is something you can do without money… in order to make money.

How to use your blog to promote any product the easy way?

So, what you can do in this case is find creative, and different ways to promote the exact same blog post, over and over and over again.

Here are 4 quick ways you can promote anything using just your blog with no money:

  1. You can use images, or you can use audio snippets that refer back to that blog post that you can share on various platforms.
  2. You can turn the post itself into a downloadable guide.
  3. You can take that blog post, and turn it into a series for your email list
  4. You can even turn your blogpost itself into a standalone newsletter for your email list.

The point I’m making here is you should promote that blog post, numerous times throughout the month, month after month, month after month.

These are a few ways that you can make money without having to spend money.

All these methods take only one thing, and that is creativity. That’s it.

The Best Way To Use Your Blog To Promote Anything You Want

So, go right now look at your blog post that you want to promote and just begin to create promotions for that post.

Using your image editor of choice, go and create a quote card from it, or create a social media post about it.

Maybe taking a quote from it where you jump on video, hit record, and just say that quote and expound on it.

Of course, after that you would tell people where to find more information pertaining to that quote in your blog and things in your niche like what this quote talks about.

This will promote not just the product or service you’re trying to promote, but also your blog itself.

So using this method of promoting a chosen blog post is really a perfect way to do it.

Now there are so many other ways that you can actually promote anything without money.

But I thought I’d just share one additional thing with you.

This method is one you can actually use that is a little bit different, or outside the box of what you might have been thinking about.

How Can I Promote Any Product Without Money?

One way that I see a lot of people promoting their stuff that seems to really work for them is simply by offering advice.

Of course this is best for social media but the reason I like this method is because it’s so indirect.

What I mean is, you’re offering advice on whatever it is so it’s not “salesy”.

Because of that people feel compelled to find out more about whatever it is you are into as a brand or influencer.

So, as long as you have a link tree inside your social media profiles, or wherever platform it is that your giving advice. You can get the fruitage of your labors.

Once they finish consuming the advice you give, then you’re going to automatically make money.

Again, I like this because it’s not directly selling anything.

What Type Of Advice Should You Give In Your Content?

So all that matters is deciding what “type” of advice you want to give and be known for.

To get straight to the point, it should be this:

Whatever advice you feel that best serves the people you want to serve.

I think this is important because it allows you to be known for a certain “type” of advice content.

The benefit to this method is people begin to view you as the content “Whisperer” of this niche, because you’re giving advice on it all the time.

So try “advice” content out, instead of just using your social media profiles as a way to just share personal things that’s going on (which is also important).

Use it as a way to provide ongoing advice for any particular topic or a even a few topics you personally enjoy.

As long as the topics you speak on are of interest to you, or you feel could serve others best, that’s all that matters.

So it’s just a bit of a different way of viewing your social media.

Best Advice For Giving Advice To Promote Any Product

When it comes to giving “advice” content to promote anything, it’s something you should plan out and decide in advance.

Meaning you need to take a day to plan what “type” of advice you’re going to give your people.

Write down a list of “advice” topics that you can easily jump on your phone, or camera and give out.

That way if you’re writing those things down and keeping a list you can take them on one by one.

Then your list gives you some structure as to the type of “advice” content that you’re giving.

These methods help you promote your stuff whatever it is, and they’re not going to cost you anything at all.

Also your “advice” content will help because it’s genuine content that you feel people need to know.

In that sense, people will view you as an authority in any topic that you choose.

Try these out, and use these over a long period of time.

I can assure you that you will gain traction in promoting anything that you want to promote.

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Today I’m going to talk about some ways that you can promote your business with or without any money. So we know we need to have promotion for any thing that we’re trying to put on people’s radar. It does not matter what product it is. We must have a way to share with others…

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