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Social Post Magic Software Review



Why Use Social Post Magic Software?



The Social Post Magic software is designed to ensure that users post their social content in the right way. It’s also a tool to maximize time management for posting and scheduling posts. As an automated solution for content creators, it has several platform options to maintain consistent posting regimens.



According to Small Biz Trends, almost 90 percent of marketers say their social marketing efforts have increased exposure for their business, and 75 percent say they’ve increased traffic. This makes this software an attractive solution for marketers and brand ambassadors.


For 90% of marketers, the strategy is to increase exposure to their business, and 75% have recorded increased traffic due to an increase in social marketing efforts. This software is a viable solution to meet these goals for most entrepreneurs looking for these types of results.


Depending on your customer demographic determines if this is a software that would work best for your needs. According to Digital Information World if your customers range from 16-24 then the average time on social is 3 hours. This makes a compelling case to have a solid social scheduling strategy.



Social Post Magic Data:


Social Post Magic Sub-questions:

It’s a cloud-based app, that allows you to connect to the biggest social platforms on the web. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, Reddit, and more.

  • How often should I post on social media?

The well known social tools site Buffer says it posts to Twitter 14X per day, Facebook 2X per day, and Linkedin 1X per day. You can use those metrics and make a good determination as to how often you should post.

  • What are the best strategies for social marketing?

Setting goals is what’s most important. This might include getting more brand awareness, increasing engagement, or getting more leads. Any strategies that allow you to reach these types of goals are the strategies you run with.

  • How to auto post on social media marketing?

There are numerous ways to auto-post to your accounts, so the real answer lies in which tool suits your needs best. Lucidpress has a list of 30 well-known tools that many social media managers use to do this. Of course, we think Social Media Magic will fit the bill as well, and as a brand new software, it’s worth looking at.

  • Is social media marketing profitable?

It can be when you use best practices like specific audience targeting, consistency, and communication methods that’s best for the platform you’re using.

  • Who is a Social media influencer?

This is someone in digital media who can bring brand awareness or promote products to a targeted audience. These individuals can influence purchases because of the “friend-like” persona they carry in the minds of their audiences.



  • Goal: Simulate a Social Media Management Team Working For You On Autopilot.
  • Target Audience: Social Media Marketers
  • Software Launch Date: 12/1/2020
  • Software Developer: Walt Bayliss


Social post magic is a social media management software that schedules and posts a year of content on every interesting social media platform.


Having a management platform for your social strategy is the one thing that you can use to save hours of time each week that you can use for actually running your brand because you don’t have you think about when to schedule posts.


If you already have several social media accounts that you use to get content out to your audiences then this software may be worth looking into.


Having real time scheduling, data, and feedback is very important in this environment where everybody seems to be using social to communicate everything these days.


Another thing when thinking about social networks is that it’s nice to have a tool that allows expanding your network reach when you think you want to see if you can grow your market on a platform you’re not currently on.


If you don’t have a social media monitoring strategy in place then you’re currently getting passed up by competitors you probably didn’t even know you had.


Not to mention that we all need to monitor our brand’s social media analytics and reputation management which can really only be done using an automated solution like social post magic or some others that are good at doing so.


One last thing you can consider is your brand’s customer service. If you can automate the actual content piece of your brand then it’s much easier to focus on customer service especially if you are a single entrepreneur or a small start-up.

That being said, I think taking a look at this automation solution is worth the time to do so.



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Statistics about Social Posting

Factual statements found across sources:

  • Out of these people, a whopping 50% of them check out the explore page every month. (com)
  • And it is a well-known FACT, that using a Video on your contact page will enhance your profits greatly It was estimated that by 2021, an average person will spend 100 minutes of his daily life watching videos online But the future is already here! (com)
  • With people watching 1 billion hours of Youtube clips every day to an 87% increase in traffic through video marketing, consumption of online videos is growing rapidly. (com)
  • You don’t have to stress about your videos being mobile responsive separately as all the videos hosted on the platform are 100% responsive. (com)
  • Blue, with 54 percent of the vote. (com)
  • According to an article by Buffer, content with images gets 94% more views and receives 150% more retweets.” Adding great images makes them look like a rock star on their social. (com)
  • According to an article by Buffer, content with images gets 94% more views and receives 150% more retweets.” (com)


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Use this content guide as you think about a social posting automation strategy that works best for your needs.

To get the Vdeopage Software Bonus and put each social media post you publish on the next level check out social post magic.

If you don’t think it’s right for you there is a 30-day guarantee so you really have nothing to worry about either way.


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