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Vooyc Media gives a rundown of “Day-theming“, a productivity method which can transform your work day into concentrated, focused themes to jump start your goals and give you results.


Key takeaways from his productivity podcast:

  • “Day-theming”, a productivity method that removes stress from your day and allows you to focus on the important tasks.


  • Brainstorm the tasks that you need to get done to grow your business. 


  • Tasks should be things that matter the most. What will move the needle and make your business soar?


  • Organize tasks into themes. For example, a theme might be interacting on social media or designing marketing materials (i.e. Logos and social media images).


  • Develop four to five themes – one for each day of the week. Dedicate a day of the week focusing on one theme to increase productivity in that area.


  • Pack the day full! Schedule as many tasks as possible that fit with that theme to deep dive and maximize your productivity goals in that area.


  • Develop a way to quantify your tasks for a themed day. For example, count the number of social media posts or the time spent on a certain task.


  • Track your progress! See how much more productive you can become.


  • Get specific with your tasks and goals to stay productive. The more you do, the more progress you’ll see.


  • Time yourself! Get a timer and track how much time you spend on each task. This helps you stay productive by not over-spending your time on a certain task, and making sure you accomplish as much on your list as possible.


  • Plan for the unplanned. The unexpected will happen and will interrupt your themed days. These can put the brakes on productivity, so plan to take breaks to care of things that pop up.


  • If you fail to plan for the unexpected, it can pull you off course and keep you from getting things done.


  • “Day-theming” is used by top tech CEOs, including executives from Facebook, Twitter, Square, and Asana.


  • Sometimes it might work to have a “reverse-theme” day, a day of no focus. This opens up brainstorming and creativity and allows for time to get the small things done.


  • With “Day-theming”, the urgency and pressure to get things done are gone and productivity will soar.


  • Theming will allow you to focus on the task at hand rather than what comes at you from the sides.


  • “Day-theming” sets up priorities and sets aside the time you need to do the tasks on your list


  • You’ll stop asking yourself “What should I do today?” because the day’s theme is already planned out! Your focus is ready as soon as you get up.


  • Give yourself a daily focus to build from and be more productive than you have ever been as soon as you get started on your workday.


  • Refocusing is easy. Once a distraction is out of the way, the day’s theme will carry you right back into productivity mode.


  • Multi-tasking has been shown to be ineffective. Deep diving into daily themes solves this by focusing on the bigger picture and putting your efforts to good use.


  • You’ll find purpose at work. As long as your tasks are driving toward the day’s themes, you’ll be chipping away at those large goals and maximizing productivity.


  • It will enrich your work. You’ll find more value in the tasks you perform because they are driving toward a purpose.


  • More quality, and less hurrying to “get it done” so you can move on to the next task.


  • Give yourself time for “deep work zones” – areas of intense focus to hammer out large, daunting tasks.


  • Stay productive and get those time-consuming tasks done right by giving yourself the focus you need on a themed day.


  • Deadlines are easy to crush with “Day-theming”. You’ll smash due dates and be surprised at how productive you really can be.


  • You’ll stress less! Deadlines will no longer be a daunting task because of the ability to get it done!


  • “Day-theming” is adaptable, and can change on the fly. Re-organize a day or re-assign a theme if you need it.


  • Make more money! Challenge yourself to do it for just 30 days and see the results yourself!


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