[Podcast] The Marketers Handbook: The 4 Keys To Success In Any Business [Show Notes]

Podcast Show Notes

Key Takeaways

  1. The first step to being great at marketing is that you have to be a good listener. Most people who have been able to attain success in business have done so by listening to the market and consumer needs.

  2. It is important to listen to the problems that people have and then figure out how best you can solve them. This goes even for physical products that have massive competition in the market, figure out the problems the other products are yet to solve and modify your own to address those issues.

  3. If your competitors are not telling people the problems you are solving, then it is crucial for you to take advantage of this and relay that message and that will make your customer base see your product differently and help you attain success.

  4. If you are not achieving the success you hope for, this can mostly be attributed to the fact that you aren’t listening well enough and that is why your content or products are not performing well.

  5. Do your research using the internet, social media and make use of hashtags that are focused on your market to find out what issues people are airing out. Use social media groups and software that will help you gather more information on what people are saying.

  6. Use big sites such as Amazon to conduct market research. Narrow down to your niche and look up products that are similar to yours and go through the reviews and hear what people are saying.

  7. You must care about your audience or customer base’s results because people will know when you genuinely care. They can tell when you are sincerely invested in their success and your audience can, in turn, invest in your products.

  8. It is easier for people to make referrals and recommend your products to others if they know that you genuinely care about them succeeding.

  9. Be committed to your audiences’ success as well as prioritise your customer’s dreams. This is the difference in caring and being committed to prioritising their dreams and goals.

  10. Figure out what your audience’s goals and dreams are and address them from a perspective of someone who knows their problems and is willing to do whatever it takes for them to reach success.

  11. People will feel good when you address their problems as they will know that they can trust you because you are able to connect and relate to their struggles.

  12. You can use your product marketing to convey the message that you care and to be empathetic towards their problems. Your genuine care goes a long way into proving that you are committed to their success.

  13. If you are genuine and sincere and not gimmicking, this will give you a sense of purpose as you are more focused on the greater good of helping others. Success will, in turn, come your way as people will choose to be loyal to you.

  14. Being willing to show up speaks to the fact that you must be focused on customer care. Do not put out products based on trends and be quick to move on. It is important that you show people that you are there for them even when you no longer believe in a product.

  15. Success will not come your way if you hop from different wagons based on what is popular or trending. Find a way to communicate to people why you no longer believe in a specific product and why you are moving onto the next.

What do you think are some keys to success that a struggling entrepreneur needs to pay attention to in order to be successful in their business?

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