[Podcast] The Marketers Handbook: I’m A Roku Developer, And Your Brand Is Begging You To Be Put On TV – Here’s Why? [Show Notes]

Podcast Show Notes

Key Takeaways

• What are OTT media services and what is this new market trend?

• Major brands, companies, and influencers are already competing and putting tremendous amounts of resources into OTT streaming media.

• Whoever takes advantage of this market trend in the early stages has a high likelihood of becoming hugely successful.

• Over the last 5 years, 10 million people have turned form cable and turned towards streaming media, like Roku.

• All of the companies that do the data have partnered with companies that are utilizing streaming media, which offers you an opportunity for targeted marketing.

• Your campaign will reach much further, as there are markets out there for your brand and service that you’re not even aware of. Unlike social media, which makes it far too difficult to stand out with all of the distractions, you have a much more efficient route to take your brand or service to buyers.

• You control the entire stream when the TV channel belongs to you, and you can promote your brand to a broader audience, than just individuals on single devices like phones. Although, channels with Roku, for example, will work on any device.

• Think of the competition. Jump the barrier to entry and beat them to the punch. Streaming media is the ideal way to outmaneuver your competitors.

• Tv is nothing new, and there is currently an average of 2+ TVs per household. The technology and devices are already there.

• Target the demographics that will best appreciate your good or service.

• Episodes introducing brand new products will drive the product to more people. Making your product introduction far more successful.

• Having your own channel allows you to build and sell simultaneously, gain trust over time through consistency, and the types of content you can utilize are endless, especially if it is with a popular

• Having your channel is cost-efficient. It costs less to have your channel built and pay your streaming costs than it to pay to air 30-second ad spots on someone else’s channel.

• Advertising on Cable will cost you a hefty industry standard fee, but having your own channel allows you to rotate and add new content on a regular basis without exorbitant costs, all while making money from your episodes and content.

• Having your own channel allows you to have a competitive ad block, where you can partner with 3rd party media companies who will pay to have their advertising on your channel and at a much higher rate than ads on YouTube.

• You can create and display your own ads, and make the money off of your own ads.

• You can put real-time social media as a display on your channel, promoting your social media account and allowing your viewers to be informed about what is going on in your social media as they are watching your episodes.

• Display your own episodes.

• Sell or barter your ad space. Once you have enough of a viewing, you can sell space to others to give the exposure, and it also leaves the opportunity to barter the ad space as well.

Do you think you would want a TV Channel for your brand? If so, what kind of programming would you broadcast to help people in your market?

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