My WP Traffic Up Review [WordPress]

WP Traffic Up Review
  • Can Use On Unlimited Sites
  • Can Customize On Any Pages OR Posts
  • Uses Exit Intent To Trigger Pages Instead Of Exit Pops
  • Solves A Problem Of Losing Money For Alot Of Websites
  • Does Not Work With SSL (AT TIME OF REVIEW)


This wordpress plugin serves a very good purpose for site owners to get more money from visitors and works as stated on the salespage. I only found one issue with the SSL which can be overlooked if you have sites that are not SSL enabled.

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If you use WordPress, then this is a plug-in you might want to take a closer look at. The plug-in solves a problem that has currently arisen when it comes to exit pop-ups. Google has recently made changes to their chrome browser, and Safari has made changes as well. So, the old exit pop-up technology that sites used to use, now no longer work anymore. Instead, a message will come up that basically prevents a lot of your visitors from going through with any action that the “exit pop” used to do try to make them do. So, these guys have figured out a way to get your desired action with your visitors.


So what happens is this plug-in will use what is called “exit intent” technology instead of exit pop up technology. What that means is that when your visitors mouse exits the actual webpage portion of the screen the plug-in will load in any URL of your choice (whether you own it or not) by using an animation to account for the delay in loading time and then it will display the page of your choice. Your visitors never leave your site which means that your bounce rates will also improve as well.


Check out my video walk through and

WP Traffic Up Review below…

We all want to convert more visitors on our sites and we want to sell more products from our sites, and we want to go to bigger list. So I will say that when I was testing this plug-in I could see how you can capture at least a fraction (if not more) of the visitors that are leaving are sites. So let’s face it, many of the people that come to our sites when they leave – they leave forever! It’s highly likely that a large portion of people never return to our websites, so this is an opportunity for us to convert, or monetize those visitors before they leave us for good.


I probably have owned hundreds of websites in my years as a marketer in all different niches. So I know how it feels to NOT convert any visitors at all. It felt like I would never get ahead in this Internet marketing thing. So any solution would have been a good one for me. So as I looked at this plug-in, I found a solution to the problem you may be having right now with conversions.

[alert-note]On a side note…You have to make sure you have GOOD quality content on your sites though.[/alert-note]

How the WP Traffic Plugin actually works

As visitors attempt to exit your site, you can use the WP Traffic Up plug-in to load up any page that you like again you don’t have to own it. It slides in with your choice of animation that’s built into the plug-in.


I know personally I’ve made sites that I even sent paid traffic to that didn’t make a dime. Now at this time I have several sites, and products, and they bring in a passive income for me. So if you have sites right now that you’re not making money from, and especially if you’re using paid traffic to go to those sites, you want to use something like WP Traffic Up to maximize the potential of you making money off of the sites that you have.


So I see really 4 main benefits of the WP Traffic Up plugin:


  1. It lets you monetize your exit traffic.
  2. It helps with your bounce rates on your sites.
  3. It gives the opportunity to create more customers to your site.
  4. It captures over 92% of visitors who can’t use old-style pop-ups.


[alert-success]I’ve seen at least 2 or 3 review videos on the Wp Traffic Up plug-in of people using it, and if you watch my review video in this post you’ll see that it works pretty well.[/alert-success]

The Glitch I found in the WP Traffic Up Plugin

All said and done, this is a very nice plugin, aside from the fact of a glitch that I found with the SSL (https://) secure sites that it looks as though it has an issue with. I will be contacting the vendor about this issue, and I’ll let you know what they have to say about it and update this post. If you do not have SSL (https://) enabled on your sites then that won’t be an issue anyway. It’s just something I think is important to know when you’re using this plug-in. That being said, works perfectly fine on normal websites that are NOT SSL enabled as of the time of making this review. If that changes I’ll be sure to make an update at the end of the post to let everybody know.


What you should know about the pricing of this wordpress plugin

On the sales page I will tell you there is a countdown timer. This indicates that because it is launch week – the product vendors are planning on increasing the price which is normally $47. At the time of the launch it’s on a special price, so if you’re reading this post during the launch and you think you can use this plug-in, I suggest you check it out while it’s at the launch price. Also, there is a 30 day moneyback guarantee if something is not right for you with this plug-in as well.

What you will experience if you purchase WP Traffic Up

If you decide you want this plug-in, what you have to do is click the button below and go to the sales page. I encourage you to watch the demo video on the sales page if you want to know more about it.


What you will then need to do is click the orange button on the page that says “Get It Now” and you will be able to purchase the plug-in. After you click the button you will go to warrior plus which is the payment processor for the plug-in, and then you will purchase.


So, overall I think that the pros of this plug-in outweigh the cons, and I do see how using it in your business may help you as long as you’re not using it to spam people, or use it in a way that would bring negative results to your marketing. There is always a wrong way to do things like this, so I would suggest that you make sure that you use it ethically, and in a way that will bring you more customers, and monetize your sites at the same time.

My WP Traffic Up Review Final Analysis

That being said this product meets my approval, and therefore I encourage you to pick it up especially at the pricing that it is at now while you still can. Again, you can do that by clicking the button below.


[button-green url="" target="_self" position="center"]THIS PRODUCT IS “MARKETING CODE” APPROVED! CLICK HERE TO GET THE PLUGIN…[/button-green]

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WP Traffic Up Review Can Use On Unlimited Sites Can Customize On Any Pages OR Posts Uses Exit Intent To Trigger Pages Instead Of Exit Pops Solves A Problem Of Losing Money For Alot Of Websites Does Not Work With SSL (AT TIME OF REVIEW) 3.5 Summary This wordpress plugin serves a very good purpose…

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