Membro WordPress Theme REVIEW

Here’s another awesome review for you guys today. Today we’re going to be reviewing Membro WordPress Theme.

This is a really awesome WordPress theme, so if you think you might be interested in hang around, I want to take you know exactly what’s going to be included what’s gonna be on the other side of that check out button.

Now let’s jump straight in to the Membro theme. First, there is the sales page that you’re going to go to. It’s a professional-looking sales page, and it’s nicely designed.

Now membra is a wordpress solution that’s more than just a plugin, it’s more than just a theme, it is a full-on solution!

Membro will enable you guys to create membership sites. There are lots of membership sites out there that make a lot of money, so if you’re looking to get into the online world, and you’re looking at ways to do digital products, and membership products where you can charge a monthly fee then this is a really really great business model.

When you just scroll on down the sales page you can see examples some of the big sites that have membership site paltforms like Udemy which is really popular, as well as others.

I’m not going to go through everything on the sales page you guys can can check it out for yourselves. There is another example though called Master Class on the sales page. I don’t know about you guys but I always get these master class adverts pop up in my Facebook feed all the time. You know the one… come and learn how to be an astronaut, come and learn how to be a DJ, come and learn how to how to do writing from professionals.

At any rate, these are businesses that have been set up which are very, very successful, and they’re based on a membership subscription fee.

If you have membership functionality, and you have a monthly member, you can obviously do a very well because you’re having people pay month after month after month.

So, for example, let’s say you charge $20 a month, or $25 a month depending on what you’re offering. Every single month you’re collecting another $20, and another $20, and another $20. Now not everyone’s gonna stick with it for life. There are gonna be some people who are going to disappear off after one or two months. Some people disappear after six or 12 months, but you’re gonna get some people who are gonna stay with you. Particularly if you’re updating the content, and you’re keeping everything fresh. Some people are going to stay with you for years, so the revenue model here is really really awesome.

For example, Udemy apparently has 65 thousand courses available. Definitely then if you’re looking to take a course  they have more than enough to keep people around. All you have to do is continue making content that keeps people around too.

By the way, I definitely recommend Udemy. I’ve done a few coursess they are around ten, or fifteen dollars, so definitely check them out.

In terms of this theme, then what exactly is it that you’re going to get? Well, it’s gonna allow you to produce a really stunning layout for a member solution. It’s a wordpress theme, so you do need to have WordPress.

This is a plug-in theme, that says it says can be set up three simple steps, giving you the ability to create an area that you lock the content.

You’ve got to lock your content down and this particular WordPress theme is gonna allow you to do that with ease. If you’re not locking your content down you’re basically creating content and taking a chance on not making all the money from it.

WordPress is one of my favorite ways to have websites very cheap, and very easy to setup with great functionality.

Membro is a subscription membership plan creator. You can choose to monetize videos, ebooks, software, or whatever you want really.

You can set up your subscription fees directly via PayPal or whatever you like.

If you want to get daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or collect one-time, or lifetime subscriptions, you can!

There’s a 30-day 100 percent money-back guarantee, so if you’re not happy you know you can check it out for 30 days. If you’re not happy with it, and you don’t think that it’s gonna work for you, you can simply just hit them up and and get a refund back. If you think this is gonna be something that is going to be for you, I can certainly recommend that this is a really great theme.

Check down below and there’s a link to take you to the sales page, so you can review all this information in your own time, and decide whether or not this is going to be a perfect fit for your business or not.

Definitely if you are in the business of membership websites for courses, or for digital content, you definitely need to lock up your content.

Okay, it’s really straight forward, and it’s really easy to use this theme. Now let me briefly take you over to what’s on the other side of the checkout button so you can see exactly what to expect when you buy this product.

You will see the Ink themes marketplace after check-out, and as you scroll down you will see the theme you bought available there, so the Membro WordPress theme is the one you want to download in a zip file.

You can get a “developers” license, which is 47 dollars. There’s no monthly fees, so you can save yourself quite a bit in the long run by getting in on this deal. It’s just a one-time price, and 47 dollars is actually it’s a pretty good price. I see lots of themes like this going upwards of $100, to $200 or more.

In fact, I saw one one time for most a thousand dollars, so forty-seven dollars is a good that’s a good price to get in with.

Ink themes is the company that created this theme. They have over 54,000 satisfied customers. I’ve worked with this company, and they really will give you the support.

Go see this theme for yourself and get it if it will contribute to your business.

Buy The Membro WordPress Theme Here

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