Section I: Contact Information

Please fill out ALL of the following:

Section II: Past Employment

Please fill out the information below for your past jobs. Five or less recommended. On the resume, we’ll only go back about ten years, if applicable. You’ll want to fill this out from your current (or last) job to the previous job, and so on.

Section III: Education

Please fill out the fields below for your most recent degree, then for the preceding degrees

Section IV: Professional Affiliations, Awards, and Charitable Work

Professional Affiliations
Please list pertinent professional affiliations here:

List these in order of most recent first.

Charitable Work
Please list organizations you’ve worked with in order of most recent first.

Section V: Desired Job/Career

Section VI: Your overall qualifications.

These can be specific, related to a previous job. Or they can be general qualifications that will be useful in a new profession/job. Please fill out as many of these as possible. If some don’t fit, then feel free to leave them blank. The more you fill in and the deeper you dig, the better your resume will be!
(If this is an entirely new, or first, career)

Section VII: Achievements

Achievements in your past jobs that transfer to your new, desired position. Please answer as completely as you can.

Section VIII: Linkedin Profile

These questions are specifically for your LinkedIn Profile. Your profile must support your what you're trying to achieve with your resume. It's NOT meant to be an online resume. That's a big "No-No" for both current and future employers. We want your LinkedIn profile to show you ethically in your best light! Please fill in these sections as best you can

Now, name the top five benefits your skills, training, education, experience, etc, do for an employer. Essentially, you’re listing why someone would want to hire you for the new position you’re seeking.

This next section is your “proof” section. You’ll want to list your top accomplishments that prove you can deliver the benefits above to your new employer.