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Forbes columnist and marketing strategist Genia Stevens put a quote up on Twitter (Made the mistake of saying Instagram in the podcast), and she said this…

“You have to remember that you have something of value, and it’s just a matter of you doing the work to get out in front and show people that you have it”. – @GeniaStevens

She’s talking about entrepreneurship, coaching, and mentoring in this post.

I agree 100% with what Genia is saying here about us having to remember that we do have something of value and that we have to put in the work, and show people that we do in fact have something of value for them.


Why providing “Value” may not be easy?

It’s not very easy in today’s society when you get to see people firsthand excelling by basically putting up posts with social media. Social media being the medium by which you would likely gauge people’s successes.

It’s very easy for us to see people on social media excel, and become famous, or influential in a market, just because of consistently posting to their audience.



We can easily feel as though we don’t really have as much value as perhaps some other people do if we don’t have the “followers” that “they” do.

So, we have to remember, we do have value, and we have to be convinced of that!

Now you might say to yourself that, “I don’t know what value I have to bring to the table for people.” It’s time to change that way of thinking.

I have been guilty of feeling this way at times thinking “I’m not even sure that I have a skill for people to benefit from,” and there may be many of you that feel the same way. This is not reality.

We might know how to do certain things, but we may not feel as though people can benefit from the things that we know, or do. Unless you have the uncanny ability to speak for everyone on planet earth, there is no way that feeling is true, Ok.

So how can you break free from this “valueless” way of thinking?

Well, again, now is the time for you to remember that, yes, you do have value, you have to put in the work.

As Genia said, you have to put in the work, and let people see and know that you have something of value to give to them.


What should be your ‘Mindset’ in providing value?

How do you provide value, though, is the question? What should you be thinking about to do it?

Well, to do the work, and let people see that you have something of value to give, think of your abilities this way.

Whatever it is that you have to say, whatever topic, whatever you want to be influential in, is in itself valuable if you decide you want to help people.

So, the next blog post, product, podcast, social media post, or whatever you create can have value if you want it to.

Then consider this example.

Let’s say this was the very last time that someone was going to read, hear, see, or take in information about your topic.

If this was the very last time that they were going to get this information or hear anything about this topic, how would you convey the message that you are going to convey?

How would you speak about it in videos or audios?

How would you talk about it in social media posts?

What would you write down in a blog?

Whatever way that you would give your info for the last time is your motivation.

That is what will give you the ability to give the best value needed for what you are about to say.

So, you have to do that.


“How” can I provide value exactly?

You have to act as though the person who is consuming your stuff will be the ½ of the population turned to dust by the infinity stones right after they consume it. (Marvel Avengers Reference)

Treat your audience like this could be the last time they ever take in information about the topic, or your message that you’re trying to convey.

If you treat your audience like a unique jewel, then you will undoubtedly see the need to provide value in whatever it is that you are saying to them.

Now, let’s put this in perspective.

Here is a fact, it is entirely possible that whatever the message is that you put out there could be the very last thing that a person sees, hears, or reads in life because unforeseen circumstances befall us all.

It could very well be that this could be the last bit of content that they take in or the last time that they consume information on the topic that you are conveying to them.

So, for example, let’s say you’re conveying a message like, I don’t know, blogging. Well, you might think, “This is just tips about blogging,” but Is it?

Let’s say this; you feel that these are just blogging “tips” for people to use. You can write these “tips” as a blog post, or you can talk about it as in a podcast, and the way you deliver, it can be the way you’ve always done it.

You could present your message based on how you normally say it in the content you’ve prepared.

Or, if you knew when creating that piece of content that this was the last time that the people who hear it are going to hear it, then, you might present your content MUCH differently!

What you need to do is present your message with that “this is the last hurrah” type of motivation.

With a “this is the last dance” type of backdrop of your messaging to your tribe you will give extreme value in whatever it is that you’re conveying to your audience.


How to provide “true value” on Social Media?

What about your social media posts, for example, that you put out there?

If this is the last social media post that a person will ever see, (and this could very well be the case) and it is the case, in some cases, what would you want them to know?

What would you want them to be able to take in on that social media piece?

“True Value” is the type of value that you need to provide, and that you can provide to people.

One other thing, you do have “true value” because you have perspective, and your perspective is unlike anyone else’s perspective in all the world because no one has seen what you’ve seen or walked in your shoes.

No one has your set of eyes.

No one else has your exact thoughts other than you, so you do have value.


How to “present” your value to your audience

All you have to do is present your perspective on whatever it is that you’re trying to convey to people.

Again, we need to present content with the motivation, that this could be the very last time this person, or that “some people” take in information about this topic, literally.

Now, you and I know that this is not going to be the case for most people, but the reality is, it will be the case for some people.

So, you have to treat every post like it’s your readers’ last post, because to someone, it will be.


Tip to provide value when you write social media or blog posts

Here is one tip that I’ll give you when you present your value to your audience.

So, let’s say you write a blog post, or a social media post, or whatnot. Write it as though you’re writing to a single person and not everyone.

That is, unless of course, in whatever you’re writing it’s necessary that everyone knows, that everyone needs to know it, okay? (Read that twice).

Other than that, when it comes to your day to day stuff that you post, be sure to write it to a single person, and not to a group of people.

Also, you want to write to a single person for one reason, and one reason alone, a single person will read it!

So, when you put your post out there, true enough, collectively, lots of people can read it, but in actuality, one person, reads that one post, on their one device.

Can you understand what I’m saying?

So, you’re not talking to a crowd of people.

You’re talking to one person at a time, and that’s how you need to look at the value that you bring to the table.

You’re speaking to one person at a time because, in reality, that’s what you’re doing.

Now, one person might read, take in, or listen to your information at the same time as another person.

However, everyone you connect with is consuming your content on different devices, at different locations, and are different people, with different things going on in life.

So, speak to only one person, and you will be able to concentrate the message of the value that you have, but you have to put in the work as well.

So, this means you need consistency.







How to “work” to bring “consistent” value

Work is consistent.

It’s just like if you’re employed by a car factory, for example.

The reason that the car factory stays in business is that they continuously produce a product year after year.


Yet, when you go into work, and you take your station at the factory line, you are doing a single continuous job every single day.

So, for example, let’s say your job is putting screws in the engine in the car factory.

Well, the continuous action of you drilling in screw after screw, screw after screw… is consistency.

That’s what makes the factory money.

That’s how they stay in business.

That’s what makes them what they are – a company.

That’s how they pay – you!

The action of doing that job consistently is what allows the factory to produce the product they’re paying you to help make, create, and produce.

So, you too must treat everything that you do, the “work” that you do, the same way.

You need to make, create, and do the “work continuously”.

Only then will people know the value that you bring to the table.


Lastly, as far as bringing value, you need to make sure that you desire that people get the most out of whatever it is that you’re saying and doing in your market.

So, remember, treat your messages like the last, do the work, be consistent, and do things that present value to people.

Bringing the next level of value in your message will win over the true audience you want in your market.

And no doubt you’ll feel good, and you’ll be happier in what you are doing because you are providing…. value.


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