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“Hmmm…. Do I Actually NEED Google Reviews For My Business?”

That’s a great question! Glad you asked…

It seems that almost anything these days can bring down a business, or at least, greatly affect its bottom line. Failing an OSHA inspection, sending inappropriate tweets, or displaying offensive material can all lead to a business tanking.

What questions might be less thought about is:

Should I focus on getting google reviews for my business?


How can [not] having customers giving Google Reviews for my business negatively impact my business?

Or better yet…

…”Could it tank your business?”

ALERT: We’ll now discuss 5 provoking thoughts to hopefully help you come to a solid conclusion for YOUR business…




1. A large majority of people trust Google reviews


2. It’s tough to get good Google reviews, every one counts


3. Even bad Google reviews can be spun to positive outcomes


4. Almost everyone looks at Google reviews


5. Your Google reviews affect your rankings in the search results


You Got it?


Moving on…

5 Thoughts to the main question…

“Do I Actually NEED Google Reviews For My Business?”


THOUGHT #1: A large majority of people trust Google reviews

– It’s one of the rare things that most people actually believe online. Everyone seems to agree that what people write about the places they do business with, is true!

According to, a whopping 68% of people believe what they read in online reviews. Of course, people take things with a grain of salt. but if the negative reviews pile up, with similar looking complaints, people take it seriously.

So what if there are no reviews?

Similarly, people look for places with high ratings and positive reviews.

So if your business is one of those that doesn’t have any reviews online, then people just may not even be looking.

It’s not even that people trust these online reviews, they trust them almost as much as they trust a personal recommendation from a friend! According to the same article, 88% of people said they trust the reviews as much as that of their friends.

THOUGHT #2: It’s tough to get good Google reviews, every one counts

– It should come as no surprise that people are much more likely to share their negative experiences than their positive ones.

Having a good experience just doesn’t pump you up like an emotional crawl through a horrible experience. It doesn’t even make for captivating writing so it’s little wonder that people don’t jump on their computers when they get home to rave about what a good pizza they had at the restaurant that night.

So, getting customers to write reviews for your company is supremely important.

Every good review convinces another customer to come in. In fact, the same article from reports that 72% of customers say that positive reviews make them trust the company more.

So if you don’t have those reviews online, you can be sure that you are missing out on a segment of potential customers.


THOUGHT #3: Even bad Google reviews can be spun to positive outcomes

– Encourage your customers to review your company, even those who may not have thought they were provided the best service.

A bad review from them gives you the opportunity to show what a high level of customer service you are prepared to offer. Show them you care, offer assistance and appeasement in substantial ways and see how their tune changes.

It is possible to have your biggest hater become your most vocal supporter just by showing them that you heard them and that you care. According to, you should reply to every single review.

So, it’s important to get every review you can, even the negative ones or your business may suffer.


THOUGHT#4: Almost everyone looks at Google reviews

– If you aren’t getting reviews, then almost every potential customer is not seeing you online.

According to Bright Local’s 2014 Consumer Local Review, 88% people said they either ‘occasionally’ or ‘regularly’ consult online reviews.

This means if you aren’t getting reviews online, then a whole plethora of people aren’t able to make a sound decision about what they think about your company.

If someone doesn’t think they can trust your company, you’re already down in dollars.


THOUGHT#5: Your Google reviews affect your rankings in the search results

– According to, your rankings in the search results can be affected by how many reviews your business has, how quickly they add up, and the authority of the review service.

So bottom line… your business needs reviews.

The Conclusion

So what does all this mean?

Can not having google reviews negatively impact your business?

Yes, in a myriad of ways. More importantly, however, is that there is something you can do about it. Engaging your customers is the first step and how you do that is up to you.

The final point being, getting customers to review your business on Google Reviews is crucial to the success of your business.

Call To Action!

What can you do to get people do review your business on Google Reviews?

Get creative, offer freebies, be silly!

Leave a comment. We would love to hear how you are getting your customers to review your business online!


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