Gifzign Review — Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why?

I just searched Google and saw that I am the first person to do a Gifzign review. There’s a good reason for that, but let me prove it to you first…


When I first started to write this post there were only 5 results in Google for the term and 4 of them had nothing to do with Gifzign at all. So why am I starting this journey now? Well… as you read the title of this post it’s obvious that I am excited to tell you the who, what when, where, how and why… of Gifzign. I’ll be adding a section to this post that answers every last one of those questions so you can know everything you need to know about Gifzign when it launches!

Those are the questions I will be answering for you in this product review as we get to the time of the launch of Gifzign.

In the meantime listen to Bertrand from Youzign talk about what Gifzign is and why you need it…

[vimeo id="194228358" width="600" height="340" position="left"]

When I got the email that the guys over at YMB Properties, makers of the “awesomest” (I know, I just wanted to say it, lol) image app on earth (as far as I’m concerned) made a GIF software (Gifzign) I was instantly all in! I mean, I didn’t even have to think about if I needed to see it in action or not, because I’ve been using the Youzign software platform since the beginning as one of he first users of that software, and it’s been maybe 2 years since then.

In fact, I think so highly of Youzign that I made a tutorial about how to use certain features in it to make a certain type of image. I’m putting that below for you to check out, as well as a link to Youzign in case you don’t have it. Like I said, I use it almost everyday that I’m actually working in my business. To me it’s invaluable…

[youtube id="p1BPMIWFmVs" width="600" height="340" position="center"]

[button-red url="" target="_self" position="left"]GET YOUR OWN PERSONAL COPY OF YOUZIGN HERE — I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! >>>[/button-red][clear]

Let me tell you something… I’ve been using that software (youzign) consistently, almost daily and at least weekly, since I got it. That’s just how good of a software it is. So, I knew without question that Gifzign would be a must have for my business. I can’t speak highly enough about it, and the support is fantastic!

Gifzign Features

Cinemagraphs – NEW!

A hot new feature that I’ve seen in several software launches over the past couple months is Cinemagraphs. Right now, it’s a technique for presenting images that everyone’s loving. A cinelagraph is an image where a chosen portion of an image is actually animated like a video (the gif is actually taken from a video initially) while the rest of the image is still. Fanbridge says that cinemagraphs is responsible for 60% more engagement in social ads, and a 26% higher click-through rate when used in emails! So needless to say, at least at the moment, these things are working like gang-busters 🙂

Well, Gifzign just added the ability to create these cinemagraphs, and I must say, it’s incredibly simple to do with this software.

You can create a cinemagraph in 3 different ways…

1. By “Beaming” (that’s what it’s called in the software) a youtube or vimeo video right into the software.

2. By uploading a video from your computer

3. Or by using the screen capture feature inside Gifzign to record your screen to create a video.

The results are fantastic, and you’ll be glad you have this software just for this feature alone.


One of the really cool Gifzign features that I think you’ll really like is the mirroring feature. This is a feature exclusive to Gifzign. Using this is a great way to make your gif images stand out for your social media posts. People love these type of images and you’ll probably be one of the only people using these in your posting content, and your audiences are going to love the images you share using this awesome feature.


[alert-warning]GIFZIGN REVIEW VIDEOS[/alert-warning]


Just so you know, I’ll start putting my honest Gifzign Review videos and tutorials here…


[alert-note]WHY THIS IS THE BEST GIFZIGN REVIEW…[/alert-note]

Here’s the deal though, even though I have great confidence in this company’s ability to deliver an excellent product, I am approaching this with a clean slate. In other words, this product review will be battle-tested and proven, so that you as a reader on my blog right now can be confident to make the best decision as weather to buy it or not.

Now here’s where it’s a good thing you’re on this blog. Like I said, I knew already that I had to have this software for myself, so thankfully the guys at YMB Properties decided to have a “Pre-Beta” Invite, and guess who was in the check out line at 12:01 A.M. on 12/4/2016 when the cart opened up for the invite?

You guessed it… “This Guy!”


So you are guaranteed to get  the most informed product review you can get with this product because I am documenting everything and showing it to you. You are in good hands, and I’m not leaving anything out.

I have a video below, and will maybe even adding a few more videos in this post for you to get the best look at the software in action. I’ll also be doing a case study as well. The case study will be based off strategies I’ll be using with paid ads, and paid resources so that you can perhaps get some ideas, or follow the same methods I use to grow your business using Gifzign. Depending on what I determine the value of the case study to be, I’ll either add it here, or in the BONUS package you’ll get when you get Gifzign via my link.



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[alert-note] Who Created The Gifzign Software Anyway?[/alert-note]

YMB properties limited is a graphics software company company based in Dublin, Ireland involved in virtual architects, crafting functional websites that help users achieve their goals efficiently. It is involved in developing online graphic design tools for Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, as well as offering infographics, eBooks, sales pages, videos and also software applications for discerning marketers.

The company offers tools to create online headers and banners also notification bar plugins for WordPress to promote Website updates, products, and services or affiliate links. It was founded in the year 2012.
The company is managed by Bertrand Diouly Osso as their Chief Executive Officer.

Contacts and address:

353 1 443 3213

Carmichael House

60 Lower Baggot Street

Dublin, 4



Company values and beliefs:
1. The company believes happiness is brought about by simplicity in operations.
2. That transparency brings out innocence helping to eliminate doubts among customer
3. It believes in detailing to bring out the best in perfomance.
4. Belief that greatness is only the start not the end
5. Belief in everyone that crosses their path, a belief in family friends and making time for loved ones
6. Beliefs in chasing dreams to achieve what one is destined to be.


Key activities:
it is involved in two main business activities:
1. acquisition and development of web properties to help solve user problems in different areas
2. uses its flagship graphics design products to act as an online provider of software as a service


Products offered YMB properties limited:
1. creating graphic softwares for marketing with an offline presence, creating facebook covers and ads, graphic software for youtube to boost presence, for infographics, ebooks, twitter handles, headers, sales pages.
2. word press plugins which inlude:
infobar WP , image suit, media links
3. white labels: instant white label, YMB apps


Achievements of YMB properties limited:
1. YMB properties limited has been able to create a consumer base of more than 50,000 customers over the past 4 years since its inception.
2.Development of an affiliate program where affiliates are able to earn upto 50% lifetime commissions. this has helped YMB properties limited boost its overall sales and its market reach.
3. Creation a vast majority of products to helps business entities drive traffic to their sites and also boost sales.
4. It has helped simply customer engagement and marketing of products using its simplified marketing tools hence boost overall impressions
5.Them acting as an online providerof Saas {software as a service} has facilitated configuration and customization, accelerated feature delivery, open intergration policies and enhanced collaborative feature functionalities.


[alert-warning]GIFZIGN BONUSES[/alert-warning]


By the way, I started writing this Gifzign product review early, so I’m not quite sure of what everything I will include in my bonus package if you decide to pick it up. I will tell you though, that it will be 100% unique and valuable for you in your business.

In fact, I have already determined that I am including a web based software that I have not released to the world yet, because as I write this post it is still being tweaked. My software has been in existence since around July of 2016 when I had the 1.0 version of it made. Needless to say, it’s gone through a lot of changes since then, and has a lot more changes to come.

In fact, my software will be a monthly or yearly subscription as well, but I have already determined that you will get a lifetime account for free when you pick up Gifzign through my account. The closer we get to the Gifzign launch the more I’ll say about this software, because I may do a little beta launch myself, so I don’t wan’t to give to much away yet. At any rate though, you’ll be locked in.

I will tell you this though, it’s also a web based image app, but it’s a very unique way to create images that I thought of that I had not seen before, so I decided to have it built. It is extremely practical and will be something that you can use daily in your business. Especially for your social media posts!

That’s all I can say right now, but just know that this bonus is awesome, and you’ll want to get your hands on it just like you do with Gifzign.

In fact, as I think about it they will work extremely well together. If you marry the two in your social media strategy, or your blog/website content strategy — you can’t lose. It will be what I like to call… a lay down! With these together you can’t be touched by the competition.

Between now and then I’ll have even more bonuses for you that will be super unique and original, so you’ll see those too on this post as the Gifzign launch approaches. I have something in mind that will be mind-blowing but we’ll talk more about that later (Hint: It’s a very exclusive instant traffic bonus) that’s all I’m gonna say for now.

At any rate,  be sure to subscribe to the PUSH NOTIFICATIONS on this site so you can be updated on everything I talked about here. Whenever I update the post, I will send a notification to all my subscribers to let them know. That way it will be impossible for you to miss out on anything I put in here, or to miss out on any of the bonuses I’m giving you for getting Gifzign through me.

Well, that’s all for now. Stay Tuned for more updates coming soon…

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Gifzign is a solid desktop gif and cinemagraph software made by a very reputable and cutting-edge company.

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