Every Business, Youtuber, Podcaster, And Influencer Can Have Their Own TV Channel – Here’s How…

Have you ever wanted to be on TV and Get that 15 minutes of fame?

These days every person on earth is trying to get “famous”.

You might be saying right now, “Nah…not me, I’m cool on that.”

Yeah right!

If you’ve put up even ONE youtube video, facebook, or Instagram live, then you’ve tried your hand at becoming viral and going famous.

As we all know though it just ain’t that easy.

At any rate, let me tell you about a prediction I made about 5 years ago.

I was talking to a friend on the phone about the future of technology one day.

I’ll never forget it because I actually made “two” predictions that day that actually came to fruition, (one of them was foldable phones, but I’ll get into that on another day) and one of the predictions I made is now over a billion dollar industry.

I told my friend over the phone that in the near future there will no longer be a need for cable TV, and that most people will be getting their TV programming from streaming devices.

Now, several years later there has been over 10 Million people cut the cord from cable TV to OTT (Over The Top) Media Streaming Services like Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Chromecast, etc.

In fact, in the last 3 months of 2019 there were 385,000 users who cut the cord just in those 3 months alone!

Needless to say, I was right!

In fact, let me mention a sidenote, and come back to the story just so I can show you the kind of traction you can get when you create a TV channel for your brand.

I created a Roku TV Channel as a case study just for this post.

This image is the developer analytics just 2 weeks after the TV channel was approved by Roku to go live on TV.

You can equate the number of “installs” to actual “leads” that you would want to convert to sales in your business.

What makes this so awesome is that I did absolutely nothing to advertise this TV channel.

zero. zilch. nada.

That’s awesome because Roku actually promotes your new channel when it’s developed and approved.

Therefore, you get a headstart as far as exposure to your new TV channel. It’s exposed to more people to encourage “installs” of your channel.

Of course, it’s up to the users weather to install it or not, but that’s good because if they do, you know they’re a hot lead.

Now, back to the story…

I had already determined even way back then that I was done with cable TV all together.

I was tired of the price gouging of the cable company I was dealing with at the time.

Sure enough, I was spot on!

I let them go and never looked back at cable TV.

Soon after I discovered the Roku and Sling TV to cover all of my viewing needs.

That’s when I discovered that there are a lot of people who also started catching on as well.

By the way, if you’re wondering if your target market for your business is on ROKU or not check out this little stat:

Book A Consultation For Roku TV Channel Development

What percentage of viewers yearly income watching TV (the largest screen in the house) does the “products/services” you sell fall under?

Should you be marketing to them?

Will marketing to “them” put you above your competitors?

Should you have your own TV Channel to reach them?

Absolutely! Great news is that you can get pretty much any metrics you need to if you decide to advertise your channel. The technology is already in place, due to partnerships (like Neilsen) and other unique methods for data extraction.

Let me illustrate this to you this way…

You currently work in a building (your business) that has a ceiling, (how much you can achieve with that business) and there are windows in that building.

You have taken advantage of an open window to let in some fresh air, and to let light into the building.

Periodically though, the building gets remodeled, and the window(s) that were once there have been removed, or relocated.

Maybe you once enjoyed having those windows, but now you can’t enjoy them anymore because of where they’re now located.

We’re now seeing of what I call the NEW “window” of opportunity that you can currently take advantage of for your brand.

Eventually, though, there will be another remodel, and I can tell you now that the “window” will be moved, or become inaccessible to most people at some point.

I’ve seen this window happen in the last 10-12 years at least 5 times.

I’ve seen it happen with websites.

I’ve seen it happen with Google adwords.

I’ve seen it happen with Facebook Ads.

I’ve seen it happen with Mobile Apps.

I’ve seen it happen with bitcoin. (I’m still kicking myself over that one, could’ve been retired by now!)

There are a few other marketing platforms over the years that I’ve seen this “window” of opportunity open up for business owners, entrepreneurs, and brands.

The thing about this “window” I’ve also seen is this… it ALWAYS closes, and once it closes it never opens back up again.

You’ll have to wait for another window to open.

Everytime… without fail.

Here’s the good news though.

There is a NEW window that’s open right now as we speak.

A window that streamed in over 14.8 billion hours of content in 2017 alone.

All you have to do is climb in through that window of opportunity to get out of your current environment that has a ceiling, and go outside (so to speak), where there currently is no ceiling.

I know I’m speaking in illustrations, but hopefully you get the point.

Check out this other little stat which I think is exciting!

Book A Consultation Call To Have Your Roku TV Channel Developed

What makes this stat exciting to me is that since there are 27 million user accounts (and counting) on Roku, there are an average of 3-4X that in actual viewers.

This means there are over 100 Million viewers on the Roku platform alone.

To put that in perspective, there are 372 Million people in the United States.

You can clearly see the opportunity you have in this “window of opportunity“.

This is because there are 2, 3, and 4+ people watching per household!

There’s also more good news!

You already have everything you need to get through this window, and use it to level up your business.

Even if you don’t have the most critical component, I’m going to show you an easy way to acquire what you need, but most every person has what they need already.

What does a business entrepreneur need to have their own Roku TV channel?

Well, let me tell you, you already have everything you need on your end.

If you have videos on youtube relating to your business, then you got what you need.

If you do live streams, or videos on facebook, instagram, linkedin, periscope, snapchat, etc., then you have what you need.

Bear in mind that the average Roku user spends 50 hours per month watching TV on their Roku devices.

This is the most recent stat I could find, and that was as of 1/2/17. So, since the numbers have increased I’m sure it’s much higher than that now.

Whatever the number is now, they say they are america’s #1 streaming platform.

Now, if you don’t have any video content already, then all you need is to think about the problems, or the questions of the customers you serve.

Then you can just shoot a video addressing one problem/solution, or question at a time. Just give extreme value and your good to go.

Another thing you can do is create a TV Channel with micro-content of a topic (doesn’t have to be your main business) that’s of interest to your target customer, and then every 5 or 6 videos advertise your main business. Or however often you want to advertise you can, but this is a great way to court your customer and get new business all in one.

(F.Y.I. – I have a format for TV video content for my clients that ensures they never run out of content ideas for their TV Channels. We can talk about it on a strategy session call.)

It’s really as simple as that.

Of course, if you have other ideas for content, then great use that too.

You can build your brand very easily, and build a channel that people become attached to for the kind of content that you deliver.

You become an authority in your niche, and unlike Youtube you don’t have to compete for screen real-estate, or worry about the viewer easily going to watch another video in a micro second.

The viewer has to leave the channel, and go find another channel when they want to leave yours.

If you need any help finding questions feel free to reach out to me using the icon on the bottom right side of this screen, and let me know. I just need to know what niche/market you’re in, and I’d be happy to help you with that.

How does having your own Roku channel give you control of your own platform?

Unlike Youtube, you have control over your own TV channel as a platform.

It’s YOUR network. Of course, they have terms and conditions to protect themselves, but if you have the rights to your content your golden.

For example, with Youtube you put in all the hard work of making premium content on a platform that actually hosts your videos.

That in itself is strike number one.

I say that because they can decide to axe your channel whenever they want.

As far as your profits, youtube takes like half of it.

Strike number two.

Your audience is also controlled by them. You have no control of your audience. They decide who you share screen space with even if you’re video is being watched by the viewer.

If they decide to Thanos your channel with a single snap then guess what… it’s over.

Strike three… you’re out!

This is why you need your own TV channel to stream your content that you control.

What kind of content should you put on your Roku channel?

Now as far as what type of content you put on your channel it really depends on your objective. I’m assuming that most people reading this post are entrepreneurs and business owners and want to monetize their channels.

If you want to deal with 3rd party media companies right now when you create a channel and put up your video content then there are a few basic guidelines you’d want to think about.

I actually got this information from the CEO of one of the Media companies that you can partner with to run advertisements on your Roku channels.

If you develop relationships with media companies they’ll be happy to let you know what type of content works best for advertisers to want to run ads on your channel.

That being said, I’ll keep this post updated if I see additional guidelines you need to think about, but it’s really quite simple.

These are my 4 basic guidelines to creating a channel that works with advertisers on Roku:

  1. All content must be original.
  2. Any music must be licensed to you for commercial use.
  3. No foul language. This is a rated pg channel.
  4. Footage must be shot and submitted in full HD. (Yes it can be shot with a cell phone as long as it is HD quality and in landscape mode.)

How can you get people to watch your Roku channel?

Well, what’s great about Roku is that they actively promote new channels.

My understanding is that they promote your channel for like 30 days, awesome right!

Even so, there are some other things you want to do to get people to start watching your new TV channel.

Use Social Media

This is obvious, but you definitely need to use your own social media channels to drive people over to your Roku channel.

Find the pages on Facebook, and the accounts on twitter dedicated only to Roku.

You’ll want to promote your channel using those pages, groups, and especially by Hashtagging channel updates about your channel.

Also, if you have an advertising budget it’s worth it to target Roku users that also have interests in your niche. This is something you can do very easily on Facebook and Instagram especially.

Just tell people to “Check out the new video on the channel”, and very simple calls to action with a thumbnail that pulls them in.

You also want to create an Instagram page dedicated to your channel as well. Have fun with putting images, pictures, updates, quotes from video episodes galore on your Instagram page.

Make it fun and exciting for people to see what’s going on inside your Roku channel.

They’ll be chomping at the bit to see the episodes in your channel.

Update Your Channel Regularly

If you already have a bunch of videos on Youtube then this next one will be really easy – keep updating your channel with new content.

Remember, it’s a TV Channel.

People will expect regular “episodes” of your content.

If you already have tone of videos already made then you can drop an “episode” however often as you want and always be ahead of the game.

This will fuel all of your social media stuff that you do. Every “episode” (video) that you stream is it’s own campaign that you should run your own commercials about. You’ll want to publish episodes regularly also, so that people keep coming back to fresh new content as well.

There are some ninja tactics on how you can inform people that you have a new episode up, but I’ll save those for another time, or if you book a strategy session I can let you know about those methods.

If your channel is getting good traffic, Roku may contact you about a partnership, in which case, they will give you prime time ad location and real estate on their home screen. Definitely a good reason to stay consistent.

Your Website

Of course, if you have a website or a blog then you definitely want to prominently showcase your Roku channels on it. Link to your channel(s) and let people know what it’s about.

Even if your visitors don’t have Roku devices yet, they’ll think it’s cool that you have your own TV Channel, which I can almost guarantee none of your competitors have (unless they’re smart like you 😉 and made the investment.

Email List

If you have an existing customer base, then you want to put a link to your channel in the mailings in the signature line, or in the newsletter as a permanent feature.

You never know when your list will get a Roku device, or who already has one.

This is easy advertisement for your channel that can also produce that cool factor amongst your existing audience.


Wait… what? Really Youtube? Yes… Youtube!


Look, even Youtube sees the value of Youtube promoting Youtube on Roku believe it of not!

Yes, Youtube has it’s own Roku Channel!

Now here’s my question, if Youtube has seen the value in having it’s own channel on Roku, shouldn’t you?


Some fisherman I know have what they call a “honey hole”. It’s a secret place they go to that not many people know about, and they come back with a boatload of fish.

Sooo… If the big fish has found a honey hole to eat, then don’t you wanna eat in that honey hole too?

Anyway, I digress…

So, you definitely want to use Youtube to promote your Roku channel, and the individual episodes in that channel. It’s a great avenue because people are watching videos over there too. So use it to promote your Roku channel!

It’s been suggested to put a splash image on the front and back of your existing videos.

I also suggest you go through and redo your thumbnails and add a call to action to “visit your Roku channel for more videos like these”, or something like that.

Advertise On Roku

Another way to get people to install your TV Channel is to use Roku advertising itself.

Obviously this is a paid option, but it’s a guaranteed paid option depending on what you choose.

Here are the 3 options for Roku Advertising:


CPM stands for Cost Per Thousand Impressions. When selecting this campaign type, you get charged the going rate for every 1,000 ad impressions served.


CPC stands for Cost Per Click. By selecting CPC, you will be charged for each click on your ad based on your current bid price (up to your budget).


CPI stands for Cost Per Install. By selecting CPI, you will be charged your current bid price for each successful install of your app (up to your budget).

Of course, if you choose CPI then you ONLY pay when someone installs your channel. It’s the most expensive of the 3 options, but depending on your customer ROI it’s probable well worth it. As of the time I’m writing this it’s starting at only like $2.50 and up. You’re budget plays a part in this as well.

The great thing about using Roku to build your channel is that you can target your users. You can also geo-target which is excellent if you’re looking for viewers in a certain geographic location (Perfect for local businesses).

What will happen when you get traction to your Roku channel?

People start to watch your content and trusting you/your brand, making it easy to sell more stuff.

This is the way to create an income stream using your own TV channel aside from creating your own advertising funnels using your videos.

Honestly, you can get real creative once you build up an audience as to how you want to leverage the eyeballs watching your channel.

How can you monetize your Roku channel?

You’ll have more opportunities to partner with other brands by allowing them to advertise on your channel (especially with companies/products in parallel markets) or by simply allowing roku or third party media companies to pay you to run adverts on your channel.

Unlike Youtube, you will have way more control over the ways you want to bring revenues in through your TV channel.

Oh, I almost forgot, you also have the option to make your TV channel a “subscription” based channel where viewers have to pay a monthly fee to watch the content.

Depending on the type of content you want to generate this can be a great income stream for you. For this I’m thinking of course/content creators, coaches, instructors, fitness trainers, etc.

Although, I’m sure that with a little creativity you can think of how you can utilize this method no matter what business you’re in!

There are some other ways to monetize your channel as well (I go into detail in an episode of my podcast).

I’ll save some of my Monetization techniques for when you book a strategy session to see what might be a right fit for you and your brand.

To Book A Strategy Call Click Here…

How does having a TV channel help your brand?

Well, here is where you should be rubbing your hands vigorously together in anticipation.

Up until now, TV advertising is left only for big brands with big budgets! This is no longer the case with the advent of Roku and other streaming platforms that can be taken advantage of by entrepreneurs, and small businesses. It’s no longer out of your financial reach!

At this point in the Roku channel database there aren’t many businesses targeting their audience from a geographic perspective in their TV Channel branding according to my research.

For example, if you are a barber in Louisville, Ky it would make sense to have a channel targeting “Louisville, Ky”, as well as, maybe another channel highlighting your brand itself.

You may have two different objectives for each channel as far as your brand is concerned.

One channel may be to get local customers, and the other may be mainly to showcase content in order to monetize that content as an example.

In any case, you can target your audience which is great for your brand. You get as much airtime as you want because it’s your TV Channel!

Another way having a TV channel helps your brand is by you building authority, and establishing credibility in your industry.

Who else in your industry has a TV channel creating content that is of value to your consumer?

If the answer is nobody, (which you can go and check on roku) or even if it’s a couple brands, (which I doubt) you are going to be the pioneer in your industry in this medium.

Meaning that you’ll be the brand that has the authority on the platform and it has always proven to be that the earlier a brand is to market the more they profit.

They make the most money in every single platform that I’ve ever seen become a marketing behemoth (i.e. google, facebook, youtube, instagram, etc.etc.).



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