Does WordPress Have Security Issues?

In this article we will talk about some things to think about with the security of your wordpress sites.

WordPress hacks are increasingly common, and is something that has evolved increasingly over time.

A very basic way of increasing WordPress security is to use safe login information. Good security for wordpress sites are much more than preventing the wrong people from logging into your websites, but f.y.i., a great way to prevent your site from being hacked is to protect the login page using two-factor authentication.

Why wordpress security is important?

WordPress hacks are increasingly common, and these hacks are a real threat for website owners. The essence of two-factor authentication for WordPress security is exactly as implied in the name, two forms of authentication. Surprisingly one of the best ways to harden your security is to simply use clever usernames and passwords. You can also create a routine where you change those wordpress credentials just for good measure.

WordPress security is just like the security for your house or apartment. For that reason, investing in security for it is the equivalent of buying renters insurance or installing a better lock on your door. WordPress Security is an extremely important part of the WordPress ecosystem and landscape.

How to harden wordpress security?

If you didn’t know, WordPress security is often referred to as hardening. A very important way to harden your WordPress security is to always keep it up to date. One of the most overlooked ways to harden your WordPress security is to install an SSL certificate and run your site over HTTPS. If you want a done for you solution try and they can get it done for you quickly and easily. Getting HTTPS is definitely important because not all hosting providers are created equal and a large percentage of WordPress hacks are due to hosting vulnerabilities.


The good news is that most WordPress hacks are not targeted attacks. Most WordPress hacks are the result of brute force attacks. Usually these hacks are complicated to remove and its likely you or they will need to use a specialist service. Someone who breaks your sites WordPress security can grab private information, alter your content, and even plant malware. So yes, security can be a tricky concept, especially when higher levels of security are required.

How to increase wordpress security?

Following some simple recommendations to improve your WordPress security can help you enjoy the power of WordPress without opening yourself up to online threats. It can can be overwhelming, but there are simple, actionable steps you can take to start using WordPress security best practices.

For example, all WordPress site security measures are useless if your plugins are not good, because most of the hacks are rooted in plugin vulnerabilities. Therefore, you better verify all of the plugins and themes that you download for legitimacy and ongoing support, because more than half of all successful WordPress hacks are a result of security holes found within them.

Does wordpress have security issues?

WordPress security can be intimidating, but if you get the basics right, you’re unlikely to ever have any issues.

Just be sure to deal with any holes in the security that are easily exploited by hackers, and stay up to date with your sites themes and plugins. You can also refer to the list of wordpress security plugins below if you’re looking for easy and effective ways to secure your site.

You’ll be glad you got the insurance your site needs to stay secure.




3 of Our Recommended WordPress Security Plugins:

WP Prime Login Plugin

WP Site Guardian

Cloud Defender V2



What security issues have you experienced with your wordpress sites?

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