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This post discusses business strategy for online marketers or local business people that can be used to increase profits and revenues.

The best ways to promote anything without any money

Today I’m going to talk about some ways that you can promote your business with or without any money. So we know we need to have promotion for any thing that we’re trying to put on people’s radar. It does not matter what product it is. We must have a way to share with others…

[Podcast] The Secret Productivity Tip The Top CEO’s Use To Get More Done

Take a listen and let us know what you think about this productivity tip. Productivity And Development Tools, Productivity And Efficiency, Productivity At Work, Productivity Can Be Improved By, Productivity Efficiency, Productivity Enhancement, Productivity Example, Productivity Improvement, Productivity In Business, Productivity Is A Measure Of, Productivity Skills, Productivity Strategies, Productivity System, Productivity Techniques, Productivity Tips,…

[Podcast] The Marketers Handbook: I’m A Roku Developer, And Your Brand Is Begging You To Be Put On TV – Here’s Why? [Show Notes]

Do you think you would want a TV Channel for your brand? If so, what kind of programming would you broadcast to help people in your market?

Every Business, Youtuber, Podcaster, And Influencer Can Have Their Own TV Channel – Here’s How…

Have you ever wanted to be on TV and Get that 15 minutes of fame? BOOK A STRATEGY SESSION TO START A ROKU CHANNEL

Which Marketing Platform Is Best For Your Brick And Mortar Business: Email, Text Messaging, Or Facebook Messenger?

So which is better for marketing your brick and mortar business? …is it email? text messaging? or facebook messenger?