Best Sales Cart Software F.A.Q.’s

There are a ton of frequently asked questions about what is the “best sales cart software” being asked by small business teams, and entrepreneurs. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for every business, but there are some excellent solutions depending on the type of business you might have.

For example, if you run a digital online business, I wouldn’t recommend the same sales cart software as I would to a retail business. There are some features in various sales cart software that are better suited for each one. Therefore, the task is to discover which cart software provides the solution you need for your particular business model to make your customers sales process go as smoothly as possible.

Hopefully this running tab of F.A.Q.’s can help you determine which sales cart solution you need for your business!

What is the best sales cart software for online shopping?

There is a close race going on right now in the online shopping cart software scene.

So judging by the current user reviews and taking careful consideration of the convenience, and features that the leading shopping carts provide, BigCommerce is going to be number one.

BigCommerce is said to be the most feature rich, ecommerce sales cart solution on the market. And with every tool you need to make an online store with ease. With much more than just secure hosting with ZERO TRANSACTION FEES, the hundreds of easy to use and access features are said to be navigated easily for even a novice on a laptop.

You can generate and drive traffic with powerful online marketing tools and. Recover fifteen percent of lost revenues from abandoned shopping carts with the ABANDONED CART SAVER. Up to sixty five percent of online shopping carts are abandoned before checkout.

These guys also provide a 15 day risk free trial of their service so definitely check out BigCommerce.

What is the best shopping cart software for digital downloads?

So if you plan on selling digital downloads, it kind of changes the game up just a little when it comes to sales cart software, in fact if you are using another shopping cart on your site for tangible goods, then you are probably going to have to setup a whole new platform if you want to start selling digital downloads as well.

Don’t waste your time trying to thumb through all the search results, instead just go to and get started selling your digital downloads immediately. This is by far the best and most hassle free shopping cart for digital downloads available today.

As the leading digital commerce platform, Avangate offers a rich set of feature. It allows you to introduce new business models with ease, for instance subscription based. Not only that but your target audience can be reached on a global scale. So sign up for your account and start selling immediately.

What is the best sales cart software for order processing?

We believe that Megaventory is one of the best sales cart software that is out there.

It is available for most of the operating systems commonly used (Mac OS, Linux, windows, can also
be used in mobile devices) and is also available for its use in web browser.

This software allows you to focus on the things that matter the most in your business and is easy to use.

One of the best things about it is that you don’t need to acquire another installment to the software to make it better; you get it all at once.

However, it still has advanced features for those who are more experienced in using sales software.

Some of its most important features include:

• Regarding order processing, Megaventory allows the user to manage the sales easy and
effectively; it also offers assisting in many of the common procedures, such as
purchase orders and preparing sales quotes; no matter if you’re new in using
it, its UI is really easy to understand and you don’t need too much time trying
to understand its features as the software is pretty well designed for the
user’s understatement.

• Supports both multi-user and multi-location system.
No matter where you are or where you use it, you’re available to access all
your information as it is an in-cloud based inventory, also allowing you to
back up all your data.

• Sharing information with your employees is easier
with this software due to its easy data accessibility, giving your employees
the information they need to know.

What is the best sales cart software for books?

The Best Sales Cart Software for Books.

For many years, IndieCommerce has remained and is still the best sales cart software choice for bookstores whether they be online or in-person.

IndieCommerce is way ahead of its competitors when it comes to providing services for these people as it’s, by default, a pre-requisite for them to be registered with the American Booksellers Association.

This requirement ensures that only genuine and active stores use their platform.

In addition, IndieCommerce provides various unparalleled conveniences for its

  • Organized & Easy to Browse Themes – the themes provided by
    IndieCommerce are all supported by Drupal 7 and easy browse. Filters are
    available to allow the listing of books by their covers, authors, available
    locations, featured/premium books and much more.
  • Easy Payments – IndieCommerce allows its users to pay either via PayPal,
    credit card or at a designated store. In addition, they have also partnered
    with Ingram to speed up shipping processes and cut extra costs.
  • Bundles, Discounts & Coupons – the provision of discounts and coupons by vendors has
    been made extremely easy. Gift codes are also available to be used by families,
    friends and relatives. Vendors are given the ability to bundle up books and
    create a special promotional code which will be applicable only on that
    particular book set while cutting off costs for its customers.
  • Custom Products – along with the facility for books, IndieCommerce also allows
    vendors to create product classes and insert custom products in them. This
    allows bookstores to have a diverse range of merchandise and a various options
    to choose from for the customers.
  • Digital Products – the need of a high quality digital product support is well
    assured by the IndieCommerce. Since the American Booksellers Association is a
    partner of Kobo, e-books can be easily accessed by the Kobo eReading Program.

What is the best sales cart software for leads?

There are many sales cart software with UPS (unique selling points). However, there are some of them with impressive or exceptional features. From that short list, we can determine the best. That being said, let’s list some of these features:

  • Readily available professional 100+ designed-made templates to customize a stunning storefront by simply branding and customizing them.
  • A platform that makes it very easy to find the desired products with suitable recommendation and suggestions.
  • Gifts offers and promotional coupons management system.
  • Order management: Equipped with shipping management features, which means orders are tracked until they reach their recipients.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Support PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Infusionsoft,  and other credit cards payment processors, which will make buyers finalize their orders without abandoning the platform.
  • Mobile optimized.
  • Tax management.
  • Various types of product galleries.
  • .Custom and branded checkout pages.

The sales cart software and website builder that has all these features is Thrivecart. It literally is the 2018 Best Shopping Cart Software as far as I’m concerned, has a Great User Experience, is the Expert’s Choice, and Best Sales Cart Platform for leads in my book.

What is the best sales cart software for retail?

Nowadays, one of the best sales cart software for retail is Shopify.

This is a platform with a variety of tools and features that enable small and great businesses, or individuals, to sell their products in person, or operate offline retail or online stores.

It has been used by more than 120,000 users around the world and won the Great User Experience Award for 2018 and the Expert’s Choice Award for 2018, among many other.

This platform enables you to create a fully customized store that will be updated automatically with the latest software by your servers, which means that you don’t have to worry about maintaining your store.

Some other advantages to Shopify are that:

  1. You don’t need any design skill due to the fact that Shopify offers a variety of professionally designed themes,
  2. You can get an 24/7 customer support,
  3. Import small and large catalouges of products.
  4. Run your personal payment gateway.

There are four pricing packages among you can choose from $9/month to $299/month and it also offers a 14 days free trail.

What is the best shopping cart software for small business?

The best sales cart software for small-scale businesses is a tie between Thrivecart and Shopify.

The reason as to why both sales cart software is great for small business is that both are the best software for scaling up. Both grow with you regardless of the number of goods that are on offer as well as your customer’s purchasing power,

With Shopify and Thrivecart, you can Launch, run and manage your online business regardless of whether your business is new on the market or whether you have an interest in boosting your sales on the offline store.

More so, both are the most accessible sales cart software to use, because neither needs any particular skill or technique to run them.

Both have simple sign up processes, through which you are taken by hand up to the end of sign up process.

Lastly, Both are affordable tools for small businesses, and are also suitable for serious beginner entrepreneurs, and small scale businesses since since they operate at a minimum cost.

Depending on the type of business you have would determine which one would be better suited for your business so I advise taking a close look at both.

What is the best shopping cart software for wordpress?

The best shopping cart software have to basically have a slick integration with wordpress making it easy to use.

The software has to support both physical and digital products allowing the customer to have a broad range of products to purchase.

In order to facilitate purchases, the software has to be compatible with the most secure and trustworthy online payment options vastly used in the e-commerce world and as well allow payments on cash on delivery and bank transfers.

The software has to factor out the importance of conducting global shipping to all the word-wide wordpress customers and in order to allow easy promotion of products and advertising, the software has to support online sharing through the top flight social media platforms.

Factoring all those key features, I can only recommend for the most frequently used, secure, and convenient shopping cart softwares. Of which, are Thrivecart, woocommerce, ecommerce shopping cart, and cart66.

These four shopping cart platforms will never disappoint you or your customers in your purchases.

Thanks for reading my Sales Cart Edition F.A.Q.’s. I’d appreciate it if you share this post to your followers. It would help me out a lot. 🙂

What sales cart software do you use to sell products that has worked well for you?

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