I’ll be adding to this page periodically to let you know more about who I am, where I’ve been, and where I’m going in business, so you can better know who you’re listening to and why you should listen to me…dbellefavicon2

I’m always voraciously consuming, testing, and implementing all the latest marketing information, and experimenting with the latest marketing strategies – hitting it from all angles for about 10 years now!

Currently, I’m actively helping 100’s of people on my email list, and business owners – Using & teaching VERY HIGHLY EFFECTIVE marketing strategies in order to help them produce profits and revenue streams in their businesses. There’s nothing better than helping people succeed in what they’re working for – it’s the best feeling to know how to help a small business owner especially to compete as a force in their marketplace.

In such a dynamic world you can always benefit having someone other than yourself look at your marketing, to talk to about your business goals both short and long term, and give sound advice with a plan of action. That’s what I love to do!

I love staying on the cutting edge of the marketing industry which means I’m always in the “marketing lab” – you might say I’m constantly in TEST MODE in order to crack the MARKETING CODE!